26 Eylül 2020, Cumartesi
Ana Sayfa / Her Telden / Meet Sabrina Pasterski, The 24-Year-Old “Next Einstein”

Meet Sabrina Pasterski, The 24-Year-Old “Next Einstein”


Into the Future

Right now, Pasterski is focused on grappling with physics problems that excite her, learning as much as she can from the rich resources she has access to. But with standing job offers from NASA and Blue Origin, Pasterski might eventually make a big impact on aircraft travel–specifically, space travel. Companies like Blue Origin and SpaceX are looking for bright young minds to shape the future of space exploration and push us into the next frontier. And Pasterski’s potential is far from unnoticed: Forbes named her to their 30 under 30 All Star list. Still, Pasterski remains humble about her success. “I am just a grad student. I have so much to learn. I do not deserve the attention,” she writes.via Curiosity

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